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“Donald Margulies's powerful drama about two American war journalists (one a writer, the other a photographer) trying to adjust to normal life after one of them has survived a brutal accident in the Middle East is full of rich ideas about privilege, happiness and the ethics of exploiting art.  Director Jordan Merkur’s production is unfussy and clear . . . he gets terrific performances from his four actors . . .  whose interactions feel grounded and believable."  NNNN     

Now Magazine Fringe Wrap Up: Outstanding Ensemble & Outstanding Direction

Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine 2014


“The four talented actors (Kirstin Hinton, Carleigh Beverly, Jason Jazrawy and Sam Rosenthal) are extremely well cast. Jordan Merkur’s production is superbly directed and he gets excellent moment to moment performances from his four superior actors. This is an excellent play for those of you who love theatre that allows for intelligent discussion.”

Ron Singer, the, 2014


“Time Stands Still is a Tony-nominated play by Pulitzer winner Donald Margulies and everyone should go to see it. This show is smart, intense and funny in just the right spots – an overall gem.”                                                        

Sonia Bokar, Mooney on Theatre, 2014


“Donald Margulies's 2010 Tony-nominated play is mounted here with a deft touch.”

Arts Vox, fringe pix 1, 2014

(Photo: Visual Khemistry)

(Photo: Visual Khemistry)

Kirstin Rae Hinton, Sam Rosenthal, Carleigh Beverly, Jason Jazrawy


“This is truly a brilliant piece of theatre, posing thought-provoking unanswerable questions.

Shari Barrett, BWW Reviews Los Angeles, 2014


“The title of Donald Margulies’ provocative play “Time Stands Still”, now in its first Chicago production at Steppenwolf Theatre, seems to refer to the moment when a photojournalist, confronted by a sudden meeting between one of the world’s many unresolved horrors and one of its many undeserving victims, frames the instant and, with a single, well-timed shot, freezes it for good. [...] Those who do the real dirty work of the profession in the world’s really dirty spots, often remain haunted by what they see, what they did or did not do. [...] Margulies is exploring whether it’s possible to get addicted to the pain of other’s as if it were cocaine; and whether some who toil in the killing fields, not to mention the killing fields of marriages, have merely lost their ability to foreground the beautiful.”  [Four Stars] 

Chris Jones, the Chicago Tribune, January 2012 


"It’s powerful stuff.  Not tragic, but deeply poignant in its conviction and compelling in its truth about the resonances of battle trauma."  

Lawrence B. Johnson, Chicago on the Aisle, February 2012


“There’s no paucity of scripts seeking to probe the aftershocks of war.  But . . . it’s fairly rare to encounter a drama that delves the impact of officially sanctioned bloodshed on female civilians.  Donald Margulies's Time Stands Still does just that with a compelling, sorrow-drenched story of a female photographer recovering from a roadside bombing . . . In the end, everyone in the foursome comes to their own conclusion about how to shape their own lives, and whether to record the torment of others from an intensely close perspective. [...] The ending isn’t tidy . . . But it is heartbreakingly real.”

Catey Sullivan, Chicago Theater Beat, February 2012


“An unusually satisfying evening of theatre: smart, funny, touching, tightly written and very wise about the unpredictable courses of relationships. […] A major and memorable, dramatic experience."                                                                        

Robert Feldberg, the Record, 2010


“Margulies writes with intelligence and humour and creates dialogue that always hits the ear as real." [Five Stars]                       

Joe Dziemianowicz, The New York Daily News, 2010


“[...] Mr. Margulies is gifted at creating complex characters through wholly natural interaction, allowing the emotional layers, the long histories, the hidden kernels of conflict to emerge organically.  His dialogue throughout “Time Stands Still” crackles with bright wit and intelligence, but it is almost always an expression of the characters' personalities, not a function of the author’s need to dazzle and entertain.”

Charles Isherwood, the New York Times, January 2010


"Compellingly demonstrates what a master playwright can do with great economy and efficiency."

John Simon,  Bloomberg Press, 2010


“…the play's subtly accumulating power struck me with unexpected force . . . [It] can feel like eavesdropping on two cherished friends at their most vulnerable and emotionally exposed. [...] “Time Stands Still weaves a quiet spell of moment-to-moment truth, but the jolts of heightened drama spring at you with unnerving ferocity.”                                                

Charles Isherwood, the New York Times, October 2010


“And so stands still time in this new work that pays heed to the roles we all play in those rare moments of life where routine is broken and life is presented for reflection in all its brutal honesty. [...] Margulies reminds us that it is the reality of life that is often forgotten in the motions of living.  Time Stands Still harbors the beautiful conflict of sudden awareness.”

Nicholas Tober, Splash Magazine Los Angeles, 2009

(Photo: Visual Khemistry)

(Photo: Visual Khemistry)

Kirstin Rae Hinton & Jason Jazrawy